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Birth Control and Family Planning

Choosing a method of contraception is an important decision that will impact a woman’s daily life. There are many methods of birth control. Each method has good points, as well as side effects. Birth control allows a woman to plan her family, both the number and spacing of children. At any given time, a couple may find one method of birth control suits their needs better than others. Most women and couples use many methods over a lifetime. Birth control options for women includes oral pills, vaginal ring, skin patch, injections, intrauterine device (IUD), diaphragm, cervical cap, natural family planning, condoms, spermicide, and sterilization. Emergency contraception is available as back-up protection when your form of birth control fails.

Consultation with UPT (urinary pregnancy test): $125
UPT only: $25
Intrauterine Device Placement (IUD) * including Device (Mirena, Paragard, Liletta): $1,350
IUD Placement * NOT including Device (Device ordered through preferred pharmacy): $450
Depo Provera Injection (only) (Medication obtained via Pharmacy): $75 (upt included)
epo Provera Injection from Office stockpile & Upt: $175


*The above pricing list it's showed for informative purposes only. The total cost of any evaluation, treatment or procedure; it may vary based on the final diagnosis,

risks, indications, limitations and the medical necessity of the patient; as well as the urgent, emergent or elective need of the procedure. 

As a result of complex and frequently changing laws, rules, policies and regulations; reimbursements by your health insurance carrier are subject to change by them without notice; and we can Not warranty that your health insurance company will accept and pay one hundred percent of the money spent.

We do not check insurance benefits; and we are not responsible for checking your insurance carrier policies or if they will accept our receipts, notes or rates for reimbursements. And it is the absolute patient responsibility to check about reimbursement rates with their own insurance carrier prior to any visit, evaluation and treatment to be provided by Dr. Mayo.

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