Patients Speak Their Mind

 3 months ago  *****

 I love Dr. Mayo and his staff! I had a really 

 good experience and highly recommend 

 Dr. Mayo not only as a knowledgeable

 OB/GYN, but also a skilled surgeon! If

 you're anywhere in the fingers lakes

 region I think it's worth the drive to

 Cortland :)

Rebecca Sansom

3 months ago  *****

Dr. Mayo is one of my favorite Dr.'s.

He doesn't beat around the bush and is very straight forward, listens to you and answers all questions...

I highly recommend him.

Patricia Parker

4 years ago   *****

I switched to Dr. Mayo when I was 29 weeks pregnant, after my previous doctor told me she was leaving the practice and I needed to find a new OB. Although I was frustrated that I was being told last minute that at 29 weeks pregnant I had to go searching for a new doctor, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Dr. Mayo was kind, warm, and very well educated. He listened to all of my concerns and offered solutions & advice for every complaint I had. Later on in my pregnancy, there were complications. Dr. Mayo took them seriously and monitored me closely right up until the end. We called him at 1am to tell him that my blood pressure had spiked and my head was pounding. He told us to get to the hospital so I could be monitored. The nurses kept him informed throughout the night and the next morning he came to see me. That's when he told me I was going to have a C-section that day. I was scared, because it was early, but he was very comforting and warm, and he assured me that everything would go great and that I would have a beautiful baby boy by the end of the day. He was absolutely right. Thanks to him, I have a perfectly happy & healthy little baby boy, and also thanks to him and his outstanding surgical skills, I am recovering quickly, and even after only 3 weeks you can barely see my C-section scar. I owe my life to this man. I KNOW that my previous OB would not have done what Dr. Mayo did for me. I would recommend him 1000x over to ANYONE looking for an OB in the area. Dr. Mayo will take extra good care of you and your baby, and he is happy to do it because he loves his job and takes great pride in his practice.