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Gynecological procedures are critical to the overall well-being of all women, no matter their age. Dr. David Mayo is an experienced OB/GYN and cosmetic gynecologist who educates you and ensures your best health. Call or book an appointment online with Mayo Medical P.C. in Cortland, New York to work with Dr. Mayo to foster your health.

Gynecology Q & A

What is gynecology?

It’s important to regularly visit a gynecologist like Dr. Mayo to attend to the overall well-being of your complex reproductive system and intercept any potential for disease. Gynecology involves the health of a woman’s reproductive system that includes:

  • The vagina
  • The uterus
  • The ovaries
  • The breasts

Gynecology and obstetrics both focus on the female reproductive system and overlap in many procedures and treatments.

What kinds of services are related to gynecology?

You might visit a gynecologist like Dr. Mayo for different reasons, whether it’s for a routine Pap smear, or to manage cancer of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, or vulva. Gynecologists serve to prevent, manage, or treat various other types of diseases and abnormalities related to the female reproductive system, such as:

  • Incontinence of urine
  • Amenorrhoea, or absence of menstrual periods
  • Dysmenorrhoea, or painful menstrual periods
  • Menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual periods
  • Infertility
  • Urinary tract infection (also known as UTI)
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

Gynecologists also perform medical or surgical therapies when necessary, in addition to pre and postoperative measures for medical management. Some of these common operations include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Oophorectomy
  • Tubal ligation
  • Dilation and curettage
  • Laparoscopy
  • Cesarean section (also known as C section)

Dr. Mayo offers many services for preventive or treatment measures. At Mayo Medical P.C. he administers:

  • Well-woman programs
  • Yearly exams
  • Cancer screenings
  • Premenstrual syndrome therapy
  • Contraceptive therapy
  • Hormone/diabetes/thyroid
  • Endometriosis treatment
  • A variety of surgical inventions
  • Hormone balancing programs
  • Adrenal and thyroid testing
  • Sex hormone testing
  • Salivary and blood hormone testing

These and other measures are necessary to ensure your optimum health. Contact Mayo Medical P.C. today to schedule an appointment.

How can I prepare for a gynecological appointment?

Dr. Mayo will ask a lot of questions to understand your immediate health conditions before conducting an examination. Be prepared to respond to questions dealing with:

  • Your period and any problems you may be experiencing with it (for example, missed or abnormally heavy periods)
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Whether you’re sexually active or not, and how active if so
  • The number of sexual partners you have currently or have had in the past
  • Sexual issues
  • Birth control methods

Dr. Mayo provides a safe and welcoming space at Mayo Medical P.C., as full disclosure is beneficial for your health management or treatment plan.