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As a skilled OB/GYN and cosmetic gynecologist knowledgeable in weight management, Dr. David Mayo offers several methods to help women achieve weight loss. Rather than invasive medical procedures, he promotes a steady, healthy weight loss regime that satisfies cosmetic desires. Start your weight loss journey at Mayo Medical P.C. in Cortland, New York to achieve healthy results.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why do people seek weight loss?

People seek weight loss for a broad range of health-related and cosmetic issues. Weight loss methods aim to improve your health while helping you gain total confidence in your physical appearance. Weight loss can also be a critical measure for disease prevention as well.

As opposed to surgical measures, Dr. Mayo encourages weight loss programs that foster a healthy, natural, and long-term loss of weight.

Are there health risks associated with being overweight?

Being overweight not only creates physical and emotional insecurities but may also cause certain risks to your health. Some chronic health conditions that stem from being overweight include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • High cholesterol

These conditions along with a host of other health problems tend to arise from unhealthy weight gains. Dr. Mayo serves to encourage each patient’s well-being and prevent diseases by offering several programs that help manage weight loss.

What kinds of services does cosmetic weight loss involve?

Dr. Mayo offers various weight loss services that are less tailored toward invasive, medical procedures, and more focused on cosmetic methods. His methods include:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Metabolic evaluation
  • Appetite suppressant medication (only when necessary)
  • Pre-treatment EKG study
  • Hormone balancing program
  • Diabetic testing
  • Thyroid function and liver profile testing

Dr. Mayo emphasizes personalized care and customizes each service to the patient at hand. He also employs the latest equipment to generate accurate diagnostic and treatment plans.

What are advantages of weight loss procedures?

There are many pros to losing weight, even if driven by cosmetic reasons. The two key benefits include:

Improvements in health

This is one of the most important reasons for seeking weight loss. You can lead a healthier life and avoid serious medical conditions that derive from being overweight. Losing weight can prevent disease, and even save your life.

Self-esteem boost

Weight loss by definition involves a change in your physical appearance. Therefore, many people seek weight loss management programs to increase their self-confidence.

You can once again participate in physical or social activities that your weight previously precluded. These outcomes have a direct influence on your mental state and can give an enormous boost to your self-esteem.