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Labial Reduction, Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Many patients found themselves unable to enjoy a normal sexual after childbirth; sometimes due to displeasure with their own labial appearance; sometimes due to loss of elasticity of the vaginal canal preventing them from a closer feeling during intercourse. Procedures like labial reduction and vaginal tightening are mainly done to enjoy again the sexual intimacy with their partners after delivering a baby vaginally.

Labioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that involves modifying the labia minora (inner lips), and/or the labia majora (outer lips).

A labioplasty is most often performed on the labia minora, the folds closest to the clitoris, to create a ‘tucked in’ appearance. Depending on the size of the excess labia; labioplasty could be done by surgically removing the excess tissue; or non-surgically by radiofrequency stimulation.

Radio Frequency vaginal tightening has been considered as a breakthrough for all middle aged women facing laxity of the vaginal canal. As all the organs age, so does the vagina. Plus, the effects of hormones on it plays an important role in changing its tonicity. Normal vaginal discharge is mainly regulated by a hormone called as estrogen. As the level of estrogens in the body goes on depleting with age it causes vaginal drying, itching and burning. More number of deliveries also lead to expanding or stretching of the tissues and muscles in the vagina.

This widening of vagina not only affect a woman physically but also takes a toll on her personal life and sexual relationships. The lady as well as well as her partner are unable to enjoy sexual intimacy to their fullest. This feminine need is not much discussed and is a hushed topic for many. But, it is a basic requirement for sustaining a healthy personal relationship. A very few females come out and discuss these problems openly, due to social shyness or taboos, with their gynecologist.

We urge all the female suffering from this kind of problem to discuss it with Dr. Mayo who after a thorough examination will discuss with you all possible alternatives treatments available.

Labial Reduction Consultation: Free

Surgical Labial Reduction Procedure: $4,300

Vaginal and Labial Rejuvenation Via Radio-Frequency: $3,000

*The above pricing list it's showed for informative purposes only. The total cost of any evaluation, treatment or procedure; it may vary based on the final diagnosis,

risks, indications, limitations and the medical necessity of the patient; as well as the urgent, emergent or elective need of the procedure. 

As a result of complex and frequently changing laws, rules, policies and regulations; reimbursements by your health insurance carrier are subject to change by them without notice; and we can Not warranty that your health insurance company will accept and pay one hundred percent of the money spent.

We do not check insurance benefits; and we are not responsible for checking your insurance carrier policies or if they will accept our receipts, notes or rates for reimbursements. And it is the absolute patient responsibility to check about reimbursement rates with their own insurance carrier prior to any visit, evaluation and treatment to be provided by Dr. Mayo.

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